Auto Insurance Companies – Who Is Number One in The Country?

Everyone needs to know the information about auto insurance companies. You might need to use a car to drive you to your work or even if you would go for a vacation.Living in a city where cars and public vehicles like taxis and jeepneys might just make you decide that you would not need to have a car on your own, but it is a fact that having a car of your own is very beneficial. You are the manager of your time if you have you own car.If you have your own car, you would not need to wait for taxis or any public vehicle to fetch you because you already have a car and what must you do is to go to the parking lot where you have your car parked.While keeping your eyes stick to your television monitor while watching your favorite TV shows or movies, you might notice that there are so many advertisements advertising and promoting their auto insurance company.Some company might even claim that they are the number one insurance company in the country. Do not be surprised if another firm also advertised and claims to be number one because every company not only auto insurance companies claim to be number one to attract customers.These companies make sure that their company would be popular to car users. They have to reach everyone so they would be able to gain more popularity. More popularity means to have more customers.Because almost all companies claim to be number one in the country, it is very hard and difficult to choose what company to choose and subscribe. However, do not be confused because all you have to do is to have a sharp mind so you will be able to choose wisely.How much you will pay for an auto insurance company depends on your records. It all depends on your location, driving records and automobile in determining how much you will pay for the company.How wide is the coverage of your auto insurance service is also a determiner of how much you would have to pay for the service?The competition among the car insurance companies might just have a better effect. They are competing to attract people’s choice and to gain more popularity.If a company gains more popularity, more customers would probably be investing money for that organization.The competition makes the offers to be more affordable and their service more cleanly and worth your money. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now to an auto insurance company to enjoy the maximum benefits it gives for your automobile.

Fine Art Insurance Cover Explained

Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it enhances your life Owning an art collection or even a single painting is a life long journey. We are merely the temporary custodians of the art for the next generation to enjoy.But sometime the simple act of protecting our artwork is overlooked, particularly for novice collectors. Making sure you have insurance and arranging the right type of cover is extremely important.How to Arrange Insurance For Your Individual Paining or Collection:The fine art insurance market is a specialist and fairly limited market so it’s important to use an insurance expert who understands the policy cover and most importantly can explain any exclusions or warranties that may apply to your policy.An “off the shelf” home insurance policy will not provide the cover your art deserves – these types of policies are designed for a standard home and contents and rarely extend to a high single article limit.There are a number of specialist insurance companies who insure artwork and provide tailored cover for your paintings. Artwork can include paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, ceramics, engravings and glassware. Some of the bespoke fine art insurance benefits include:
Automatic increase in value following death of artist
Partial loss cover which pays the cost of restoration and any residual depreciation in value.
Defective Title
Art loss register
However contrary to what many believe, arranging art insurance need not come with an expensive price tag.Insurance can be arranged in conjunction with your existing home insurance by taking out a separate specialist art insurance cover, or you can combine your fine art insurance with a home insurance policy.Both options should be considered dependent upon the value of your collection and your current home insurance arrangements.Additional Measures to Protect your Fine Art:Once your fine art insurance has been arranged, you should consider your own precautions to minimise the potential for making the dreaded fine art insurance claim.Some simple steps can be put in place to protect your fine art:
Keep the piece out of direct sunlight
Never hang your art over an open fireplace
Keep valuable pieces away from visible windows
Hire a professional to hang your art
Make sure you have smoke detectors
Consider a revaluation of your art every 3 – 5 years
If the artist dies the value of your art will increase – at this stage consider a revaluation
If you would like some impartial and confidential advice on arranging fine art insurance from a specialist fine arts insurance broker (established 1989) speak to our Fine art insurance team at Greenfield Insurance Services on 01489 579808 An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision. James McNeill Whistler – Artist